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YWAM is an international non-denominational Christian training and social outreach movement.Founded  in 1960, YWAM is operating in 1100 campus, in  192 countries  
and acting in Burundi since 2012. YWAM  Burundi  iS  involved  in  a  range
of  activities from training to community development  
and social justice.  

Historical Background


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a global movement founded in 1960 by Loren Cunningham.

YWAM has grown and is now operating worldwide in over 1200 campuses in more than 180 countries.

The campus leaders, though operating independently, gather to learn from each other and keep the same vision.

The heart of YWAM lies in its commitment to holistic discipleship, combining outreaches, training, works of compassion, and community development. YWAM seeks to equip and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the world around them.


YWAM Burundi (YWAMBU) was established in 2012 by native Burundians, Jagen and Ruth Nzunguri, two passionate of community work and social impact. The journey was not easy, but it was all worth it. Jagen grew up an orphan, with no sufficient means to take care of himself. He carried this great vision to transform livelihoods of poor communities in Burundi. One step led to another and they started YWAM Burundi. Little did they know, the organization was going to turn into a catalyst of change in various communities. Today YWAM Burundi is involved in a range of activities from training, humanitarian aid to community development. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Reshaping the future of the children and young people in Burundi by empowering them to discover and fulfill    potential through a child centered and holistic

community  development approach.


Our Vision

Restored and Transformed community  across

Burundi and beyond.

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