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After just three weeks, we rejoiced as we witnessed the transformation in Kentine's health. She gained 1.5 kilograms and continued to participate in One Cup a Day. The progress was very obvious to the eye.

Today, Kentine is a thriving three-year-old, no longer burdened by malnutrition. She has emerged as a symbol of resilience and perseverance. We are filled with joy knowing that she has overcome this challenging chapter in her life.

Kentine Iranyishuye was brought to One Cup a day by her sister. As a one-year-old, weighing only 4 kilos, it was evident that she was suffering from severe malnutrition. We knew that we had to take immediate action to help her heal.

In order to closely monitor Kentine's progress, we assigned a dedicated nurse to regularly check on her. Under the nurse's guidance, we made the decision to admit Kentine to a specialized nutrition center. There, for a span of three weeks, she received the care and attention she desperately needed.

During her time at the nutrition center, Kentine was provided with essential supplements to complement her diet. Additionally, she was prescribed specific medicine to address her unique needs. It was truly a comprehensive approach to her recovery.

Meet Jackson

His body weight has stabilized, and mentally, he has undergone a profound transformation. No longer burdened by sadness and fatigue, Jackson now radiates joy, humor, and a genuine enthusiasm for interacting with other children. He has grown into a handsome boy, and with each passing day, his health continues to improve.


Jackson, a resilient young boy who overcame the hardships of malnutrition through One Cup a Day program.


Jackson's family had faced numerous challenges, leading them to entrust him to the care of his loving grandmother. When his grandmother first brought him to One Cup a Day, Jackson was one among more than 30 children suffering from severe malnourishment.

He started receiving nourishing porridge along with other children. Additionally, YWAM Burundi staff assisted in setting up a kitchen garden for his grandmother, enabling her to provide a balanced diet for him. In less than six months, his physical and mental transformation was nothing short of extraordinary.

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