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Bujumbura Bright Beginnings School

When we got to Kabezi one of the very crucial needs we noticed was education. To respond to this, we decided to start a private christian school. In 2014, we opened our first year of kindergarten and every year, we add another class; now we are in the fifth grade of elementary school. We use the curriculum provided by the Burundian Ministry of education and we add on it, bible teachings provided by YWAM worldwide early education program. We also, from the first year of kindergarten, put an emphasis on English; this is a plus since our national education system is in French.


As we started our school, it came to our attention that some of our students presented symptoms of malnutrition. It was understandable since they were chosen from low income environning communities that are deeply touched by poverty. We decided to start giving them porridge every school day to cut back on the malnutrition issues and make learning possible.

As time went on we noticed that a big number of our students’ environments are not conducive to maximizing their learning time to its fullest. So many of them will go home, do the house chores and would not have anybody to help them with their homework. So, to ensure them an education of quality, it was necessary to extend their learning time by including afternoon classes. To do so, we had to implement a school lunch program every school day except Friday. Now all of our students enjoy nutritious meals and it is a joy to all of us for it is bearing a great impact.

Finally we wanted a school of quality that is accessible to children from all backgrounds. That is why we set a sponsorship program with the help of our partners. Thanks to them we are able to cover their school fees, provide school kits and uniforms.

If you want to be involved by donating funds that will help in the lunch and porridge programs or general aid for the school please click here. If you want you to sponsor one or more student(s) please proceed to this page.

Our Mission

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